Department of Education

The historical development of B.A Ed. Programme in Bayero University, Kano is separable with the history of the Department of which is traceable to 1972. At the initial stage, the programme was under the supervision of Faculty of Education, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria under which the then Abdullahi Bayero College (now Bayero Univeristy, Kano) operated.
With the coming of UPE in 1976 and the production of the first set of secondary school graduates of the Government mass education initiative in 1988, the Department – eminently endowed with a large variety of international experiences – positioned itself to provide effective intellectual guidance to teachers of the new secondary school system.
By the end of 2001, the Department of Education boasts one of the most academically stratospheric staff compositions in the University. These experiences led to the development of a culture of focused academic programming of the Department which enabled it to retained its legacy academic structures and orientations; namely production of high caliber primary and secondary school teachers. To this end, it offers B.A. (Education) in Arts (History, Languages, Religious Studies) and Social Science (Economics, Sociology, Geography).

Programmes and their Courses.

General Courses for all
B. A. (Ed) Economics
B. A. (Ed) French
B. A. ED(Special Education)